Zebras and giraffes, oh my!

This is a post from when the kids were younger and I could make their costumes!

My two girls decided to be these cute little zoo animals.
My oldest daughter thought of the idea when she saw the soft, plush fabric at the fabric store.
I couldn’t wait to turn her ideas into animals in my sewing studio!!!
The pattern is a mixture of made-up and boutique.
I used the Children’s Corner pattern for the vest (I think it’s the Charlotte),
a commercial pants pattern, and copied the hoods off of a jacket they have.
I made ears and stuffed them with batting.

They loved wearing them.

I couldn’t resist making a ruffle at the bottom of these pants.
I figured she could wear them for other times with a little sweater!

At the trick-or-treat hot dog party…

Some of the neighborhood trick-or-treat gang…

Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween with lots of smiles and good times!

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