Vera Bradley Style Baton Tote Carrier

Baton Twirlers Tote – To carry batons and shoes to baton class

Both my girls are in baton class and they just love it.
Miss Hollie is their teacher and she is just the nicest person and most fun ever.
She also has some cute high school assistants who are majorettes that the kids love.

The teacher was offering baton bags from a seamstress for about $40.
I decided I could make ours for less!
Mine do not have some minor details that the other one does, but it is pretty cute.

The girls love Vera Bradley, so we found some pre-quilted fabric that has the same style.  Joann’s fabrics had some cute ones.

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4 comments on “Vera Bradley Style Baton Tote Carrier

  1. How did you make this? I am making one for a friend to give her daughter for her birthday. I have never made a bag before. Can you give me some pointers?

  2. Fantastic! I will try to explain. I joined the fabrics together to make the front and back pieces. Then I sewed them together wrong sides facing. I also sewed a circle onto the bottom end. (Not necessary). You could just sew the bottom end together before turning inside out. you need to construct a strap. then sew that on where you want it. this needs to be sewn on one front or back piece before you sew side seams. Then when you sew the side seams and bottom, turn inside out. I also made an elastic casing for the top end. but you could just use velcro or a button with loop. Hope this helps! Thanks!

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