Happy Independence Day! The Price of Freedom

july banner

july banner

I hope you all have a wonderful day with great weather, great family and friends, food and fun.

I wanted to say how much our family appreciates our freedom.  My father served in the military so I totally get the hardship of those who serve and their families.  My father had a long stay at the Veteran’s Home in Florida last year.  It was a great experience and I am proud of our country and Florida to offer such a great place for our veterans.

Here is the incredibly meaningful sign outside the facility.


VA Homes are available across the country.  They required my dad to pay his retirement salary for his stay.  The Veterans home only requires the Vet to pay what income they have.  This can cause a hardship when they still have house payments and car payments and other financial obligations.

But it was totally doable for my dad, so we were lucky.  I did have to sell his car, but he bought a new one once he got back home and could keep his income for himself.

At tax time, he was able to claim all of his VA home expenses and got a sizable refund.  So either way, it was a win win situation.


This place is incredible and helped my dad get from completely non-ambulatory to independent.  I am SO proud of him for making it home!


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