The Oh-So-Popular Upcycled T-Shirt Tiered Dress

I love eBay.
I was browsing it this morning.
I was stunned to see this Matilda Jane outfit go for $94.99 used!

It is super cute and reminds me of a post I saw about how to make one of these.
I think I will try to make one if my 7 year old will wear it.
It looks like such a fun project.  Not sure I want to try to sell them though!

According to Michael’s craft store, this article says that “Eco-chic brings nature into crafting with wood grain, natural fibers, rope, paper and cork. Key green/eco craft elements include raw, unfinished wood with an emphasis on the grain and affordable burlap on everything from pillows to spooled ribbon. Nature is imitated with paper-crafted flowers in tissue, recycled newsprint and scrapbooking papers that seem as fresh and new as the real thing.”
I think perhaps upcycling counts as one of these elements.  Do you?

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