Target Bench Refashion


Recovered bench cushion for my 11 year old daughter’s room:


This is the before:

We found it at Target $49.

How did I cover it?
I did an elastic “shower cap” style cover. I cut out the rectangle and made an elastic casing with the hem.  Then I fed elastic all the way through it the entire perimeter.
Why did I do it this way?
Because I only had a small scrap of fabric that was just perfect for this project as far as color.
It matches a picture board I made for her when we re-organized her room last year.


I even had to cut it out on the bias to make it fit.  That turned out better anyway because it stretched even more.
Now I feel like I didn’t spend too much time on it that if I wanted to change it tomorrow I could do it with no regrets!

This is the board I made with that fabric previously.  I think I purchased it at Hobby Lobby.  It is a stretch knit.  I originally bought it to make PJ pants.  But that never happened!





Let me know if you like this idea.  It was really quick and easy to do.
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