Stacked Stone Fireplace and Rustic Mantel

This project went through two phases before we are at this point.
The wires coming from the TV will be hidden, but couldn’t get that done for right now.

rustic mantel

I know that I need some serious styling on the hearth.  Baskets?  Screen?  The surface is uneven so I don’t know…

This is all I have for a photo of  the way it was when we just bought the house.
I had to crop out a bad photo of my family members directly below the mantle!  ha!
Anyway the fireplace just had that old river rock on there that some people love, but I just did not love  it.

before fireplace

So we took it all off and prepared it for stacked stone.  My husband ordered this mantel online and installed it first. Then we put up the stacked stone.  One at the time, fitting it all together as we went.  We decided to keep the river rock on the hearth.  Not sure why – I wish we had done something different.

in progress fireplace

After it was finished we painted the part above the mantel green and never liked it.

in progress stone

So, then we painted it the same color as rest of the room and it looked better.

In the end, we decided the mantel should be lower than where the old one was placed.  And that the TV should be above the mantel. That way furniture placement in the room was a little easier. We could only have one focal point in the room.  It is broken up by so many windows, doors, and entryways. So we needed to have the stacked stone to continue all the way to the ceiling.  And we finally decided to stain the mantel piece too.

stained mantel

I think this will be okay for awhile.  Thinking about replacing the hearth in the future….

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