Smurf stache craft and movie party

Smurf Movie 3D Party!
This was a back-to-school adventure to get all the girls together for some fun just before school starts.
We had 9 girls total for the movie.
I always thought that there’s no precious a time than when your little ones are babies and toddlers. But I have to say that this age is too.
They are all so beautiful and sweet.  It makes me definitely want to revisit the age of 10 myself.
They shouldn’t have a care in the world.
But I’m sure that they do…

While browsing Pinterest for Smurf crafts that the girls could do after the movie, I found this:
The girls made really cool ones and luckily no one got burned with the hot glue gun.
We used wooden sticks for the post, posterboard for the stache base, and glitter scrapbook paper for the top layer mustache.  Sara chose pretty blue glass beads for the stick decorations.  All  found at Joann’s.
Some things I observed:
Sara laughing out loud during the movie (I’m sure others were outspoken too but she is all I heard!)  Ha.
Girls deciding to pool their money at the snack counter to afford what they want.
Laughing out loud at all the “smurf” terms in the movie.
Sara’s fave was when Smurfette said to the bad guy, “You smurfed with the wrong smurf!”
Not running to the bathroom even once.
Dutifully passing candy and drinks down the row of seats to whoever needed it.
Worrying that no one checked our tickets inside the front door of theater.  (Just where we paid)
Taking all their trash from their seat to the trash at the end of the movie – on their own.
Someone said in the car on the way home, ” Wow, movies are expensive”.
As they were gluing on the beads to their craft, I noticed they all have delicate and pretty little fingers!
They were all polite as punch.
They all got along well.
One knew exactly what she wanted to order at the snack counter,”one small popcorn and a diet coke with squirt of vanilla”. 
But when asked if they wanted butter on their popcorn they all hesitated, and then said ok.
They are so looking forward to their next year in 5th grade! Hope they get the same classes!

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