Search Engine Visibility and Meta Tags for your Blog Part 2

Now that you’ve run the analysis for your blog and found some inconsistencies, how do you fix them?
If you didn’t do that refer to the Part 1 post.

I don’t have all the the answers but I can share the ones I know.

Let’s say that your Meta Tags Title and Description aren’t quite right.

If you improve those, you are definitely on the right track.  Try matching them to other words in your blog.

If it’s a Google Blogspot, you can go to Blog Dashboard, then Settings, then Search Preferences.  At the top of your page, it should read “Meta Tags”.  And then there is a place for the description.  Play around with this part and run the analysis again to see if you see any improvements.

To add more consistency, go to your Layout.  Then on the page find the Header.  Edit that and under Description, write something that closely resembles your Meta Tag description.

You should be all set!

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