Preschool Valentine’s Tea

Today I got to visit Katie’s preschool for a Valentine Tea.
It is the cutest thing ever.
They serve punch that they ladled out of the bowl for you.
They serve a cookie they decorated.
They present you with a card they made.
Money well spent at this preschool!
But priceless for sure.
 Here’s Katie:
My place setting.
And decorated cookie.
Her sweet classmates and teacher.
Katie and her friend Will.  (She really likes him too)

She made a paper doll of me with stylin’ beads and everything!
Here is a cute bulletin board which has statements made from the children when asked what they love about their mothers.  Katie’s says, “She makes me Valentine brownies”.  Hee hee.  I really don’t bake a lot but I’ll take the credit.  Thanks Katie for making me look good to moms and teachers!
Yes, I had to get out the tissues for this time, because it’s the last child (of only 2 – like I have that many) that will be going to this school.  I love this school and will really really miss the people there.
We will have to visit whenever we can next year……

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