Pinterest Inspired DIY Monogrammed Door Mat #FirstDayofFall


Last year our family was renovating an old house  to be our own.  I wanted to make this special doormat for our new home so I could lay claim to it as soon as we moved in!

I decided also to make two more to give to family members with the same last name initial.doormat2

My husband is a hunter and I love these coir mats, so it seemed like the perfect project.
Here’s mine:


It was probably intermediate level of difficulty.  You had to print out pieces of stencil and tape them together just perfectly.  Then depending on what letter you are doing, it’s hard or easy.  With the “B” it was tough because you had to float the center hole pieces of the B on the mat.
This project was inexpensive to do.  The mats were around $10 at Home Depot.  Then you have the spray paint, and that’s it!

I would say this project was a success.  Thanks Pinterest!


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