Oil or no, our beach is beautiful!

Yes, “our” beach is at the emerald coast in Destin, FL.  It remains for the most part unspoiled by the oil.
Even if it was, we love it down there!
The best part about our trip was the company we had of our own family and of our friends who joined us – the Corrigan’s and seeing the Toth’s as well.
This is Ryan C. – Katie’s new friend!  She just loves him!  He is handsome I’ll agree.
We were out on the beach Fourth of July celebrating his sister Reese’s birthday and watching fireworks.
 Reese and Sara in the appliqued “American Princess” shirts I did for them.
Happy 8th Birthday Reese!
The next day it rained some so I took the girls out riding around.  We ran into this really cool laser tag place.
Riley, Amelia (our sweet sitter), Katie and Reese
This is Sara’s new swimsuit.  Lori and I went out shopping one day and found this at Justice.  And yes, that is daddy’s hand reaching for another beer at the pool!
Had to show you the backside of this suit!
 Riley, Adrian and Reese
This is Jackson C. eating ice cream at the pool.
Here are some of the others getting ice cream too.  Ryan, Tyler, Sara and Katie.  Katie insisted on buying the ice cream herself – good for her!
Here’s Katie and me down at the beach tiki bar.  It was HOT!
The Sara and the Kegginators!  (Katie)  hangin’ at the beach.
Lookin’ cool today….

These are the clean up crews they have down here.

The ol’ dad and mom at the pool – keeping the cooler company.  Katie took this one too.
Two nine yr. olds sippin’ on a cold one at the tiki bar – virgin of course!!!  Ha ha ha!  Tyler and Sara
I can assure you, these kids did not go hungry or thirsty on this trip!
Lori and her son Jackson
Lori and me
Here are seven of the eight kids we had together on our trip.  Jackson (6) , Tyler (9), Reese (8), Riley (11), Katie (5) , Ryan (13) and Sara (9).  Reid (10) was not pictured.
 This is Lori’s picture.
The adult table  : Lori, Sam , me and Amelia.
Lori and Jackson (age 6)
Goofballs Lori and Sam – ha!
After dinner we all went to the Track for some go-kart adventures, etc.  Sara is really keeping an eye on the road.
Jackson and Katie got a ride too.
This one made Katie giggle and giggle.
Ryan riding his boogie board.
Riley and Sara
Amelia, Sara and Reese catching things in the water…
Sara and Katie posing for beach pictures in their new Ella Moss dresses from Soca Girl.
The girls with their most fabulous sitter!
Isn’t this a great pic?
Lori and her children
Ryan, Lori and Jackson – the other two ran off…
These are the Lynch kids – so pretty!

The Keggers!

After pictures we went to AJ’s to meet the Toth’s.
So happy AJ’s now serves sushi…

  Emily and her dad Brian

Justin and his balloon parrot.

Susan, me and Lori at AJ’s

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