My Child’s Eczema Cure

Who knew it was just the soap!

My littlest one has had eczema since she was an infant.
At first it started out as white patches of skin that apparently irritated her.
They were just about quarter size or half dollar sizes places.
The doctor was giving her a cortisone ointment as an infant.

Then as she got older they would become reddish and rough. She complained a lot of it hurting.
I’ve even seen her skin look like it was peeling, like a sunburn, but not red.
 But later he recommended that she bathe only using Cetaphil soap.

All along it was the soap she was using.
All those nights of slathering on every cream I could get my hands on did not really matter much.
IT WAS THE SOAP.  Darn that sweet smelling Suave kids soap they love so much…. totally can’t use it anymore.

I also started using just baby shampoo with the conditioner in it for her hair.  Her hair is long so she needs a conditioner for the tangles.
We do this first and then wash with the Cetaphil.

We also use Aquaphor if we forget to use the soap or there is just a flare up when the heat gets turned on and the air is drier.

Glad we got that straightened out!

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