Miss Dogwood Pageant – Sara’s first pageant ever.

Getting ready for the pageant.  
This is Kate, our neighbor in the 1st grade group on the left, and Sara on the right.
 This is just before the show started.  Girl on left was last year’s princess, girl in red is Audrye Carpenter, Sara,  and then Ashlynn Bara on the right.
 This is the 4th grade group.  Kailey on the far left, someone I don’t know in the yellow, then Audrye, Sara and Ashlynn.
 Here is Katelyn Robinson, Kailey Koch and Taylor.
 Audrye and Sara
 This is the 1st grade group – part of it.  The girl in the green in back walking in with the boots is Anna Arrington in Sara’s group.
Here is Sara, with her classmate Mary Morgan Trowbridge, after the pageant holding their trophies.
Sara did not place in this pageant.  But she did a fabulous job of walking and talking on stage for her very first time. She looked so beautiful!

Runners up were some of the girls above:  Audrye, Anna, Katelyn, and the 4th grade princess was Kailey Koch.  There was one other runner up but she is not in any pictures above.

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