Increasing Search Engine Visibility If You Are A Novice Blog Publisher Pt. 1

What do you get when you search your own blog on web browsers?
Hopefully you can find it within the first few pages.
For example:
I have a children’s clothing website.  It’s called Sara Says Boutique.  These are my results when I type something related to my site in the Google search engine bar.
One of the brands I sell is Mom N Me.
Without being too specific, the clothing brand is what I typed into the browser search bar.
 When a blog or website is being introduced to the internet, a good idea is to make sure it makes the grade with the meta tag analyzer.  Now, if you have hired a web developer, then I guess you don’t need to worry with all of this.  But for us folks that do it ourselves, this would be a great idea! Especially, if publishing a blog or website is a new thing for you.
All you do is type in your website/blog address, fill in the code word, and hit “submit”.

This will “grade” your site on what you need to fix in order for it to perform better in the search results.

Here is an example of my store site Sara Says Boutique.  You can actually check anyone’s website for their score.  And it’s totally free of charge.
When the analysis is in green text, this is a good thing!  When it is in red, it is not good.
Check out your own, and see how it looks.
I hope this helps you and your blog!

I call this one a SUCCESS!

For more info, click here.

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