If you have a large handbag…

Idea for carrying your DSLR straight in your purse
 carrying an extra camera bag.

One of my favorite products I’ve bought lately is my new Nikon D3000.

I knew I wanted it for a long time.
But when it was recommended by Sherry from Young House Love
I decided to just go for it!
She has such beautiful images on her blog and I want to have that too!
Just as I got it in the mail it was time to pack up and head to my mother’s house this summer.
I knew I would want to bring it with me.
I didn’t have a case yet.
I’ve seen some cute camera straps that I can’t wait to make,
(like this one)
and camera cases on Etsy, and other blogs.
(like this)
I didn’t have time to order that
or make one of those…
What I really wanted was a camera sleeve.
That way I could just cover it up with that and slip it inside my purse
instead of carrying two big bags around.
Goodness knows my purse is plenty big enough!
So I studied the Nikon sleeve you can buy
which honestly kind of resembles a jock strap! Am I right?
And made this one:
It’s a little less jock-strappy and more “Hey, this is really my DSLR”  in this flower-dy cover!
I used pre-quilted fabric from Joann’s store.  It has an opening in the back that closes with velcro.
Took me about an hour.  And actually I think the strap coordinates well with it just the way it is.
Not to mention if I made a strap then it could only go with that particular sleeve…
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3 comments on “If you have a large handbag…

  1. Fabulous! Job well done. I like that a lot – that you could just look at the original and then make the item. Very cool. I try to do that myself. Best wishes, Linda

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