Happy First Day of Fall! Fall Fireplace Project Begun



Here in Alabama the leaves are already falling a lot.  I think it’s because maybe we didn’t have much rain lately at all.  There are still a lot of leaves on the trees, though.

It’s 95 degrees in the afternoon here, but at least the mornings are a little cooler.  By the end of October we will be ditching the shorts and sandals and putting on our jeans and boots for sure!

Halloween is on a Monday this year!  What????

I still have an 11 year old who will want to trick-or-treat.  We will take the golf cart around the neighborhood with some friends.  How fun is that?

I am struggling to keep my chrysanthemums happy.  It’s so dry here and hot.

I wanted to share a project that I have started a few weeks ago.  It’s making over my brick fireplace. I want to do a sort of white wash affect on it.  The mortar is a dark color, so I am wanting to change that and brighten it up a bit.  I’d like to use white mortar in the joints, but I don’t want the mess of it.  So since I had a gallon of Seapearl latex wall paint already, I decided to paint over the mortar joints with that.  So far, so good.  I also tested out a large area on the left side of fireplace with some watered down Seapearl paint.  It looks good, however I wanted more of the brick to be exposed. I do not want a uniform look like I’ve got on that one left side.


Below is after I’ve painted mostly the mortar joints, not the brick faces.

before-BFrom here I want to white wash some of the brick faces, but not all.  Maybe leaving the original exposed here and there.

I have to get this done before Friday because my daughter is having company over after her Homecoming dance.  (they really don’t care, but I do!).

Plus I want to just be able to clean up the space and the floor from all the coverings. And dress up the mantel some.

We are planning on replacing the mantel with reclaimed wood.  Because of the angles involved we may go with a piece similar in size to what is already there.  Everyone is doing a large beam, and I  like those, but I am going to go with something different this time!  Here is my inspiration picture for JUST the mantel piece.


So anyway, happy fall ya’ll!



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