Happy Anniversary It Is!

Ignorance is bliss!
That’s how I feel in this marriage.  If I am missing something I sure don’t know what it is! Sure we have ups and downs like everyone else…

Today is my wedding anniversary.  We married October 11, 1997.  Fourteen years of marriage.
Everything went smoothly that day.
That is is the good part.

And yes, Alabama was off that weekend.  So everyone partied with wild abandon!
I sure do wish some of my dearest friends had been there – Melissa!!!  Michelle….Yvette…
You would have been the best bridesmaids EVER!
The ones I had were great – that is true.
Some of you wanted to be there and couldn’t.  That’s okay!

It was really a fun day though.  Here’s how it went:
Wedding ceremony: Riverchase Lutheran Church of Christ.  Reverand DeGreen, beautiful heart-shaped wreaths on the front doors made of pink & white roses, a flute player from UAB, bridesmaids dressed in black and white, a terrific photographer Larry Young.  And most of all:  Sam’s father Joe Bruno.  He had throat cancer and passed away the very next year.  He told his family members that was one of the happiest days of his life – Sam’s wedding! He also said I looked like a model that day.  I loved that man!  He is missed often.

Reception: Steeple Arts in Mountain Brook.  Catering by Kathy G.  Floral topiaries on all the outdoor tables.  Open bar by: my dad!

After party:  Most of the guests stayed at the Pickwick down on Southside.  There just so happened to be a street fest going on down there that night.  It was a wild time had by all.

Honeymoon:  We did not party with the revelers on Southside.  We went home with our basket of Kathy G, ate, and then slept a few hours.  Got up at 2 a.m. and drove to Atlanta to catch our plane to St. Lucia.

Family:  We had most of our family there.  The only one missing was my grandfather Richard Suttles.  He passed away just a week before the wedding.  My grandmother (Nana) came. It was bittersweet for her.  Although it was good to have her there for this at such a time.  I quickly went up to PA for the funeral after our honeymoon.  So sad.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I SOOOOO wish I had been one of your bridesmaids! Too bad we had only known each other 2 months when you got married! So glad we both landed the job with Bradley Pharmaceuticals and became best friends! I guess that means we have been friends for 14 years! Crazy, huh? And just think, I met you before I met Brad! Haha! Is it coincidence that your birthdays are 1 day apart? I think not!!!! Love ya!

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