Girls Room Re-design for 9 yr old

Our goal was to make a vanity area for her so she could blow dry her hair outside the tiny bathroom she and her sister share….
So I took a table from another area and took the mirror out of the bathroom and put it all together here:
This is how it looked before:
The bed was against the other wall…
it was a mess too!
So by myself I decided to move all of this….
But it looks much nicer!
This dark furniture was my husband’s that he bought for himself before we met.  
It’s pretty, however, I would kind of like to have something different for her.  Maybe… PB Teen style?
This will have to do for awhile.
Comforter set is from Target,
and I made the curtain valance from Hobby Lobby fabric.
The mirror is from there as well.

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