Game day shirt refashion to a dress

Go to the game or football gathering in style in your handmade t-shirt dress that you refashioned.
This is something anyone with basic sewing skills can do.
This is not really a tutorial, but I did want to show you a few of the steps I took to make this dress.

This dress is just up to my sewing level ability so that’s why I made it for today. Plus it was inexpensive too.
Soon I hope to go to something a little more
sophisticated and age appropriate when I find the time and pattern I really want for my next game day dress.

I was enjoying a little Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry to go along inside my houndstooth hugger.  It’s really good – you should try it!

1. Choose a t shirt for the top part that you like.
2.  Choose a t shirt for the skirt portion and measure yourself and the t-shirt to ensure a good fit. ( I used an women’s XXL and I wear a size 8 normally)
3.  Decide where you want the skirt to be joined to the shirt and mark the shirt with a water soluble pen or straight pin.

4.  Lay out the top shirt and cut where you marked it.  (I like to find the center of the shirt by folding it in half and lining up the shoulder seams and armpit seam) Then you can do a horizontal line by using the vertical marks.

5.  Lay out the bottom shirt and cut off neckline and part of sleeves.

6.  Take bottom shirt and turn inside out to finish the seams at the cut ends.

7.  Try that on and see if it fits okay by holding it up where you want it to be. If so, iron seams to one side.
8.  Put top shirt inside of bottom shirt matching right sides to right sides and front to front, back to back. Be sure to mark centers in four places, two on the top shirt and two on the bottom shirt (front and back) where the cut edge is – before putting shirts inside each other.

9.  Stitch shirts together here with a basting stitch.  (In case you mess up and have to take it out)
10.  Turn right side out and try on.
11. Then finish stitching it again with normal straight stitch and length.

What’s great is that I only had to take up the hem about 1/2 inch  along bottom.  It was almost the right length.  Maybe yours will be!  I’m only 5’5″.

I was playing around with the scraps of the red shirt, and made 2 strips for a necklace.  I like it – it’s comfortable and it matches really well.  But I forgot to get a close-up.  Oh well.
Hope you enjoy making your dress!  Email me with any questions. I’d be happy to help.

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