Fourth of July Pinterest Tried and True Projects

pinterest projects

pinterest projects

Ok, all!  You have three more days to do some 4th of July projects!  For this post, I wanted to really just gather together some Pinterest projects I did with my girls. These are ones I felt that were “tried and true”.    I added one in that I did before Pinterest was around – hate to admit that!

But honestly, we all still got pretty creative before Pinterest was even around.  So for that I am proud!

I wanted to begin with the earliest and cutest pic I have in regards to Fourth of July. This is my “firecracker” cutie when she was a baby!  Those eyes sparkled so bright!  They still do.


I sewed this dress.  I used the top of one aline jumper pattern and then made up the skirt for the bottom part from the micro gingham. The top part was of a white pique fabric that was just so cute and structured. I even machine embroidered the text and the flags on the front.  And of course, covered buttons to match at the top.  I don’t really have a post with directions of this.  When my daughter was this young, I hadn’t started blogging yet.  I was sort of just focused on caring for this sweet girl and her sister.

Her big sister had a dress like this one too.  #twinning! I can’t put my hands on that photo right now though! It was so easy to make I made two.

Pinterest Project #1:

Through the years I have always had fun doing something for the girls to wear for Fourth of July.  I truly love having girls to fuss around with!  If I had boys, I would probably wind up making myself some hideous 4th of July handbag and carrying it around embarrassing myself!  Hopefully not, but I do wish I had a boy anyway.

So for the year below we  spent our week at the Gulf of Mexico, like we usually do. A craft like this is worth doing before hand and bringing with us, as they wind up in lots of photos. The post of the trip below is here.

Here are a few t shirts I machine appliquéd for my two girls and a friend’s girl.


I even had the same fabric they used for theirs.  Its from Embroidery Boutique.


I had a huge yard sale a few weekends ago, and these  shirts I had made were for sale.  My younger one was sad to see it go – she loved that shirt!

Pinterest Project #2:

Last year, my dear friend Nicola made these shirts for her daughter and mine – BFF’s.   They turned out so cute!  I love ric rac and bows, so for me it was a winner!


I found a pin on Pinterest for this one, that I think my friend used, if you are interested in making it. It’s from Our Good Life Blog.


Pinterest Project #3:

One year we made these firecracker jello cup desserts at the beach condo we were staying in.  It’s a good thing I planned to make these because it rained the entire fourth of July week we were at the beach!  So anyway, I chose this dessert because it was something we could make with what we had at the condo. Other crafts and recipes required too many items I might not have at the beach, so this one was perfect.


The pin I followed for this recipe is below for the Jello-O Cups from Cincy Shopper Blog.
jello cups

Now for this year, my girls  have some outfits they bought and put together themselves.  They are just red and blue pieces that look great together.   I will add them to this post once I get some photos!


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