Dollar Store Crafts – Sock Puppets

Summer crafts are a must in our house.  Especially if a friend is staying overnight.
We had several ideas, but when we drove way past the craft store before finalizing our plans in five o’clock traffic, we decided to hit the dollar store.

Zulilly had these adorable sock puppets for sale one day.  When I saw them I thought it would be a great craft project.

Here’s what we came up with:

 These puppets above have hair from the textured sponge and on the right, eyeballs from the foam sponge part of the inside of the sponge casing.

 The above puppet on the left has ping pong ball eyes.

 The above puppet on the right has a bow made from the casing of the textured sponge.

Dollar Store Supplies:
Ping pong balls
Textured sponge
Fake flowers
Curly ribbon

Supplies On Hand:
Craft Felt
Hot Glue Gun

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