Daily Favorite Beauty Products That Are Non-Toxic


I love beauty products. That is just a fact. I could spend hours in the Ulta or Sephora checking out all the products.

The non-toxic products are gaining more and more of my attention lately. When a product is used daily that’s when I really need for it to be non-toxic to my body.

For years I have used anti-perspirant deodorant. It works fine. However, talks that aluminum is toxic for your body, especially entering the body through cuts where you shave (underarms), scares me.

mineral salt spray

I recently found a Mineral Spray from Sprouts grocery store. It’s fantastic!  You spray four sprays under your arms, wait for it to dry, and you are good to go!  Since I live in hot Alabama, I sweat a lot. This does not keep you dry. But here you are going to sweat anyway. So why not be completely odor free?  This is what it does-keeps you from having a sweat smell. It also keeps your clothes from smelling. You could even get a 2 day wear out of your clothes using this stuff.
Mineral salts supposedly kill the bacteria that comes with sweat. You can also use the spray on your feet!

I have not tried this yet however.

In the past I have tried the mineral stone for underarms. It works the same way, but it’s messy and leaves salts anywhere you set it down. The spray is much easier.

Now the other product I love is the Five in One Face Cream from First Aid Beauty. It just feels awesome going on your face. It has a slight oily feel to it that gives you hydration. But it is a light lotion that doesn’t feel heavy. It has a pleasant light scent.

All the ingredients are non toxic and all natural. It costs around $40 at Sephora.

This is a great all day face lotion with lots of wonderful ingredients you need every day.


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