Crock Pot Girls Say Just Add Tequila!

I write this blog post to talk about the Facebook page I ran across that was so funny and so informative.  If you like cooking in the Crock Pot this is the page to go to.
Recipes ideas galore!
And lots of funny comments on this facebook page.
Crock Pot Girls Facebook page.
UPDATE:  Unfortunately, this page has gone away already. But here is a link to a new one.
Anyway, these girls had just started this page and already had tons of followers.  Last count 325,617 likes.
It was really entertaining to read the wall posts on this page.
I got involved while sitting in carpool the other day.  I couldn’t help but comment on the wall.  I wanted to enter a recipe but didn’t have the specifics in my head.
This is what I posted.  It’s about cooking with wine in your Crock Pot.  Unless it’s Tex Mex…Click on it to enlarge:
So funny!
I might have to try that.
I am all about new Crock Pot recipes.
I like this one of Coq Au Vin (click to enlarge)

Or this one, Creamy Chicken,  with the Italian dressing packet – yum:

Do you have some favorite crock pot /slow cooker recipes?


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