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Front Porch Holiday Theme

Ahhh summer is pretty much over, as we ease into September 2016. Memorial Day is already upon us.

Summer’s  gone by way too fast as usual. Since I stay at home, I rather like the casual schedule of summer, compared to the fast paced school schedule I go by with my kids.

Not only are we tired of getting up early for school already, I think everything else is tired of summer too, including my plants!

They always look so tired and sad at the end of the summer.  I planted three tall black planters with sweet potato vines and petunias in the beginning of the summer.  I placed them along my front porch in a row.  I like the contemporary look, plus it helps draw the eye away from the new landscaping plants in front that haven’t gotten established yet.


Above: This is how they looked during the summer.  Gorgeous!  But they didn’t look so great yesterday.  I took them out and replaced them with Home Depot chrysanthemums for the Fall.  I chose red because I had planned to create a holiday theme, Memorial Day, on the front porch for this week leading up to Memorial Day weekend.


My plan was to carry that red color through my next theme creation after Memorial Day, which is Crimson Tide Alabama football!

I have an Univ. Of Alabama themed wreath that I made last year.  I took the Alabama “A” off, and replaced with a star I made out of burlap and plastic grocery bags.  I took a pillow from the pool deck.

And below is my holiday themed front porch look for Memorial Day!

front porch 2


Chair and Table – Pier One.  I have 2 of these chairs which really didn’t have a perfect spot to go to at our house.  They used to be on a screened in porch at our old house. So I re-purposed it for the front porch.  The white cushion is from there as well.

Pillows – Costco.  I took one of the teal ones off the pool deck chair, and took the rust colored one from a back deck chair.

Clay Pot – Home Depot.  I purchased this and my daughter painted it for me.

Wreath – Hobby Lobby.  I purchased this wreath and took it apart to make it my own.  I added the burlap bow and made the star out of burlap.  I painted the star to match the pillow and stuffed it with plastic grocery bags.  I hot-glued it together an tied it up with a string onto the wreath.

Black Planter – I bought these from Home Depot two years ago.  They are self watering and are great to use!

Mums – Home Depot.  These were the biggest ones they had.

Wooden House Address Sign – I made this sign out of leftover pieces of hardwood flooring.  Post coming soon!

After the Memorial Day weekend,  I will take the star off the wreath and put the Alabama “A” back on it.  And then I plan to add more red and white pillows to the chair and take away the blue one.  Then I will be back to an Alabama theme for awhile until Halloween!

Front Porch Holiday Theme



I just used some scraps from white burlap that I had. And mixed up some blues and greens of acrylic paint for the teal star.

porch side view 1

porch side view 2

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend.

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