Chalk Painted Mirror



Chalk Painted Mirror





 This is my first venture into chalk painting.  I decided to choose the mirror since it was a smaller job than a piece of furniture.   I mixed up a recipe of latex paint and non sanded grout as per directions on Martha Stewart.  

I just cleaned the surface first, taped off the mirror,  and started brushing on the paint.  It was kind of streaky at first.


So I brushed on about three coats, waiting a bit between coats.


I took a wet cloth and rubbed off some of the paint to distress it.  That was harder than I thought with as much paint on it as there was.  


I didn’t end up distressing it as much as I maybe had wanted to.  I used some paste wax on it after.  Turns out my wax wasn’t white or clear, but kind of yellow for light woods. So I didn’t use very much of it. Next time I will use sand paper to distress and get the right kind of wax.


Love it!  The paint is leftover from the other wall in her room which is painted that same color. It’s just sort of an accent wall on one side of the room.

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