Cake and prezzies!

Katie’s 5th birthday
 We baked a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
 She got lots of stuff from mom & dad, and Sara for her birthday.
From us:
 a Vera Bradley mini-hipster in Raspberry Fizz, some dollars in it, a photo book of her fourth year from, a pretty floral beach towel, an ice cream playset that makes pretend sand ice cream cones for the beach, a swim mask, a star shaped pool float, and a charm bracelet with cell phone charm from the Gap.
From Sara:
a Zhu Zhu pet named Jilly, a Zhu Zhu pet baby Babycakes, and a stroller that the pet pushes, a bracelet set, and a silver wand with crystals.
She had a great time turning 5!
Next blog will be about her birthday party.  
It was held at home and was a “sprinkler” party.
I did her invitiations through and they were so cute.  They were e-vites.
Very convenient since the weather forecast was rainy and I was able to communicate and change the time very easily.
It also had notes on it with details that you can’t see on this image.
It said:

Outdoor Sprinkler Party
Guests should arrive dressed in swimsuits for some outdoor water fun.
Meet us out front to play.
We will be serving watermelon, pizza,cake & ice cream.

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